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The main highlights of this version include:

  1. Synchronization with get-stream

  2. Splash screen

  3. Channel list (new design)

  4. Revamp of the “New chat” screen

  5. Bug fixes

1. Synchronization with get-stream

We’re lucky to leverage a world-class chat messaging SDK called get-stream that is used by billions of global end-users across thousands of different apps. As their R&D team is constantly rolling out new versions, we worked on synchronizing (merging) our code base with theirs.

2. Splash screen

Say Hello to our new Splash screen!

The Splash screen is used to notify users that the app is in the process of loading something. We put in place advanced mechanisms to display the Splash screen only when needed.

3. Channel List (new design)

The “Channel List” screen (home screen) was designed to fit with the colors and branding of Pie.

4. Revamp of the “New chat” screen

We completely reimagined the “New chat” screen which allows users to see their contact list and invite those who haven’t yet downloaded Pie on their mobile. From this screen, users can:

  1. Create a new group

  2. Create a new contact

  3. Start a conversation with a contact (who is using Pie)

  4. Invite a contact to download Pie (SMS invitation)

  5. Search for a contact

5. Bug fixes:

  1. Push notifications are now available again and allow users to receive alerts on the home screen when receiving new messages.

  2. Various bug fixes during the SMS registration process

Welcome to Pie Chat’s release note

December 6th 2021

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