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A Glance at Pie's
Branding & Messaging 

Say hello to our new branding!

We are exsited to share with you the "Behind the Scenes" of our new branding & Messaging platform's 



Though simple upon first glance, the logo is rich with hidden meaning. Generally, our logo represents equality through chatting.


The shape itself creates a chat bubble that symbolizes our main service.

The outer part of the bubble is a perfect circle. Circles are round and soft, which gives off a certain feel that is drastically different than most other shapes. They can also portray security, continuity, and protection.

The inner part of the bubble is divided into 6 pieces of pie, connected with a continued gradient is reminiscent of the equal division of money made on the app. The edge of the chat bubble is instantly recognizable especially helping recognition when the symbol is small.


Purple in marketing is often associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, and mystery. The purple gradient is eye-catching and attention-grabbing. The energy of these stunningly vibrant color transitions makes them stand out and helps to elevate any design.

Our gradient can add a unique feel to the logo (and because the logo acts as the face of the brand, it’s a fantastic way to incorporate the brand color palette in an innovative and visible way). With this gradient, we can incorporate bold colors for an in-your-face feel or softer colors for a more subtle effect.


The main font is "Righteous" -  Not only that it has a lot of personalities but also is highly readable at a range of point sizes - making the branding very strong. The font tends to evoke a sense of cleanliness and aid in giving you a minimal design.

By using a single, minimal sans-serif font we get a modern, professional, corporate look. Moreover, the thick, rounded sans-serif fonts give a youthful, friendly feel.

Even the name of the font, Righteous, is precise for the brand identity - Meaning (of a person or conduct) morally right or justifiable; virtuous. 


Messaging Platform 


In an effort to focus our marketing messages and create a story and personality that best represent the brand, and serve as the basis for all future marketing material, we began by characterizing our target audiences.


We described the seven different personas we are currently addressing – key opinion leaders, teens, their parents, chat users looking for a less agenda-driven platform than WhatsApp and the like, socially aware chat users looking for a fair and socially-responsible alternative, advertisers, and of course, you, our partners and investors, a major slice of the Pie 😉. We focused on each persona’s motivations and resistance in respect to our solution, narrowing in on the messages that will resonate best with them.


Taking into account the company’s strengths and the challenges we face, what our competitors are saying, and of course, who we’re talking to, we defined our four main messages – a new advertising model, fairness (in the division of capital, privacy and social impact), control (in making a conscience and well-informed choice – both users and advertisers), and a new division of capital. Each message envelops many sub-messages. It is grounded by the proof points that back it up, and the benefits to the various stakeholders, which are translated into the main talking points and delivered through the targeted marketing material.


Once the basic elements are in place, and we know who we’re talking to and what we want to tell them, we dive into the softer brand definitions, the ones that will set the tone and create the brand’s unique style. These begin with the company’s vision and mission, its values, uniqueness, and characteristics. We wanted to create a strong presence for the Pie brand, one that conveys a positive attitude through a clear and bold tone, that is highly accessible, demonstrates pioneering innovation but also social awareness. Our reference persona for this was Netta Barzilai – for her spirit, moral code, fresh, even bold and daring personality, open and honest communication skills, strength, wit, and intelligence.

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